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Teacher geek sites of the (mid) week (April 21, 2009)

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I’m burned out and it’s Tuesday (and I had spring break last week….). During weeks like these, there are three things that get me through: Chai lattes, Mariners baseball, and geeky websites.

For the history geek: World Digital Library

This week, the United Nations brought the World Digital Library online. The Washington Post describes the site as a “globe-spanning U.N. digital library seeking to display and explain the relics of all human cultures has gone into operation on the Internet for the first time, serving up mankind’s accumulated knowledge in seven languages for students around the world”. Drooling yet?


For the design geek: Project Planner

Project Planner gives you access to over 100 workflows from online services. According to the creator, “Product Planner was born out of the need to help people understand and create user flows for their web products. The idea is that by looking at examples of other successful web products, you can get a better idea of how to create your own”. Even if you don’t run a website, workflows are relevant to your life. Workflows are models of how we organize resources, roles, and other systems to get things done. Looking at how institutions, businesses, and web services organize their work helps me understand workflows in my classroom and personal life.

For the audiophile: We are Hunted

We are Hunted “aggregates social networks, forums, music blogs, Torrents, P2P Networks and Twitter to develop a daily chart of the 99 most popular songs online”. I’m always looking for quick ways to find new music.


Enjoy the rest of your week. Impress your friends at cocktail parties with musings about 14th century Ottoman art, make a new playlist, and analyze your workflow.


Written by TeacherC

21 April 2009 at 11:06 pm

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